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An announced massacre

Dear Avaazers,

Right now, Buddhist communities are targeting and murdering Muslim families in Burma and burning down mosques. Only one person has the moral authority to stop these terrifying killings — Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Send an urgent message to her now to speak out and prevent the announced massacres:

Right now, Buddhist communities are targeting and murdering Muslim families in Burma and burning down mosques. Children have died in the flames and thousands have fled their homes. There is one woman that could stop these terrifying killings — opposition leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Suu Kyi is the Burmese people’s most revered leader in the struggle for democracy, but she has not yet spoken out against the violence on the Muslim minorities. The Avaaz community campaigned for her release and to stop the crackdown on Burma’s democracy leaders. If enough of us join forces now we could persuade her to speak out and call for compassion to stop the bloodshed. Only she has the moral authority in Burma to stop what some are calling announced massacres.

Reports from inside the country say that further deadly attacks on the Muslim minority are planned for this week. Let’s all urgently appeal to Suu Kyi from across the world and persuade her to speak out before it is too late. Send a message to her now:

Attacks against the Rohingya, a Muslim minority in western Burma, have already left 120,000 people homeless and several hundred have been killed. Reports show that violence is spreading — activists warn there could be further attacks on Muslims this week and claim people have even started to dig trenches to hide from angry mobs. Just days ago, President Thein Sein declared a state of emergency after another round of deadly attacks.

But Aung San Suu Kyi has not yet spoken out about this terror. Many say she wishes to remain “neutral” and not take sides. But people have been dismayed by her silence, as only she has the moral authority in Burma to stop these killings and mediate between the Buddhists and Muslims. The world stood with her during her darkest hours — now let’s appeal to her empathy and ask her to stand with the Muslim minorities and put an end to violence.

We have no time to lose. Send a direct message to her now:

Time and time again, the Avaaz community has stood with the people of Burma in their fight for democracy. When the regime brutally cracked down on Buddhist monks in 2007, Avaazers donated to provide technical support and training to activists facing a communications blackout, and then donated to the humanitarian disaster after 2008’s devastating cyclone. Now, let’s urgently stand with Burma’s muslim minority and help stop another massacre.

With hope and determination,

Jamie, Alice, Ricken, Mia, Christoph, Pascal, Michelle and the whole Avaaz team


After Rumors, Rangoon Muslims Fear Attacks (The Irrawaddy)

Communal violence spreads in central Myanmar (Mizzima)

Sectarian violence spreads as mobs target Muslim communities in Pegu (Democratic Voice of Burma)

Meiktila ‘like a war zone’ in aftermath of rioting (Mizzima)

Burma communal violence spreads (The Guardian)

Myanmar riots stoke fears of widening sectarian violence (Reuters)

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Thank you from the Wikimedia Foundation



Thank you for donating to the Wikimedia Foundation. You are wonderful!

It’s easy to ignore our fundraising banners, and I’m really glad you didn’t. This is how Wikipedia pays its bills — people like you giving us money, so we can keep the site freely available for everyone around the world.

People tell me they donate to Wikipedia because they find it useful, and they trust it because even though it’s not perfect, they know it’s written for them. Wikipedia isn’t meant to advance somebody’s PR agenda or push a particular ideology, or to persuade you to believe something that’s not true. We aim to tell the truth, and we can do that because of you. The fact that you fund the site keeps us independent and able to deliver what you need and want from Wikipedia. Exactly as it should be.

You should know: your donation isn’t just covering your own costs. The average donor is paying for his or her own use of Wikipedia, plus the costs of hundreds of other people. Your donation keeps Wikipedia available for an ambitious kid in Bangalore who’s teaching herself computer programming. A middle-aged homemaker in Vienna who’s just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. A novelist researching 1850s Britain. A 10-year-old in San Salvador who’s just discovered Carl Sagan.

On behalf of those people, and the half-billion other readers of Wikipedia and its sister sites and projects, I thank you for joining us in our effort to make the sum of all human knowledge available for everyone. Your donation makes the world a better place. Thank you.

Most people don’t know Wikipedia’s run by a non-profit. Please consider sharing this e-mail with a few of your friends to encourage them to donate too. And if you’re interested, you should try adding some new information to Wikipedia. If you see a typo or other small mistake, please fix it, and if you find something missing, please add it. There are resources that can help you get started. Don’t worry about making a mistake: that’s normal when people first start editing and if it happens, other Wikipedians will be happy to fix it for you.

I appreciate your trust in us, and I promise you we’ll use your money well.


Sue Gardner
Executive Director,
Wikimedia Foundation

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Horror in paradise

Dear friends across India,

It’s horrific! A Maldives court just sentenced a 15-year-old rape survivor to 100 whip lashings. By threatening Maldives politicians’ precious tourist income we can save this child and stop these outrageous public floggings. Let’s quickly build a one million strong call, then place ads in travel magazines and websites:

It’s hard to believe, but a 15-year-old rape survivor has been sentenced to be whipped 100 times in public! Let’s put an end to this lunacy by hitting the Maldives government where it hurts: the tourism industry.

The girl’s stepfather is accused of raping her for years and murdering the baby she bore. Now the court says she must be flogged for “sex outside marriage”! President Waheed of the Maldives is already feeling global pressure on this, and we can force him to save this girl and change the law to spare other victims this cruel fate. This is how we can end the War on Women – by standing up every time an outrage like this happens.

Tourism is the big earner for the Maldives elite, including government ministers. Let’s build a million-strong petition to President Waheed this week, then threaten the islands’ reputation through hard-hitting ads in travel magazines and online until he steps in to save her and abolish this outrageous law. Sign and forward this email now to get us to a million:

The Maldives is a paradise for tourists. But for women there, it can be hell. Under harsh interpretations of sharia law, women and children are routinely punished with flogging and house arrest if found guilty of extramarital sex or adultery. It’s nearly always the women who get punished, not the perpetrators. A staggering one in three women between ages 15 and 49 have suffered physical or sexual abuse — yet zero rapists were convicted in the past three years.

Winning this battle can help women everywhere, as the Maldives government is right now running for a top UN human rights position – on a platform of women’s rights! Global outrage has already forced President Waheed to appeal the sentence in the 15-year-old’s case. But that’s not enough. Extremists inside the country will force him to abandon further reforms if international attention fades. Let’s tell the Maldives that it stands to lose its reputation as a romantic tourist hot spot unless it changes its attitudes to and laws about women.

If enough of us raise our voices, we can get President Waheed and his MPs to face down the extremists. The president is already on the back foot over this shameful, tragic story – let’s seize this moment to prevent more horrifying injustices against girls and women. Sign the petition, then send this email widely:

Avaaz members have fought many battles in the global war on women. In Afghanistan, we helped protect a young woman who bravely spoke out about her horrific rape; in Honduras, we fought alongside local women against a law that would jail women using the morning-after pill. Let’s now protect the women of the Maldives.

With hope and determination,

Jeremy, Mary, Nick, Alex, Ricken, Laura, Michelle and the whole Avaaz team


Maldives girl to get 100 lashes for pre-marital sex (BBC)

Maldives government to appeal flogging of rape victim (Dawn, Pakistan)

Rape victims punished, failed by Maldives justice system (Minivan news, Maldives)

Judicial statistics show 90 percent of those convicted for fornication are female (Minivan news, Maldives)

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8 March, 2013 03:55

Dear Friends,

Parliament Secretariat must be having email send it for circulation to all MPs

An Important Issue! Indian government approves 200% MPs’ salary hike , Still some MP’s are unhappy.

Now , MP’s take home salary is Rs 45 lakh per anum + other allowances.

TOTAL expense for a MP [having no qualification] per year : Rs.60,95,000

For 534 MPs, the expense for 1 years:

Rs. 325,47,30,000

3254730000 X 5 years =

Rs.1627,36, 50000 ( One Thousand six hundred crores plus..)

This is the present condition of our country:

1627 crores could make their lives livable!!

Think of the great democracy we have…
Do Mp’s really need salary hike? Do they really wait for 30th of every month for salary credits to there bank accounts, like we do every month ???? FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO ALL CITIZENSOF INDIA !!

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