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Hours to end rape impunity

Dear friends across India,

We have just hours left to feed into the Verma Commission, set up by the government to recommend how it should combat rapes. Let’s send a flood of messages demanding better laws and enforcement, plus public education to end rape impunity. Write in now!

India is on the verge of a massive win for women’s rights. The government has asked Justice JS Verma to recommend a solution to India’s rampant rape crisis, the first step to strong laws and enforcement. Justice Verma is accepting public comments for 24 more hours — this is our chance to make sure his recommendations are strong enough to end rape impunity for good.

The rapid arrest and charging of the brutal Delhi bus rapists is rare — the vast majority of rapists get away with their crimes. Real justice, with speedy trials and long years in prison, combined with increased public education is needed to stop more girls and women being violated and killed. Already over 35,000 of us have signed a petition demanding action on fast-tracked justice, now let’s keep up the pressure.

The public consultation period has just hours left — let’s make sure the Verma Commission comes up with real solutions to end rape impunity — click below to send a message now:


A crime against women is reported every 2 minutes somewhere in India, and three quarters of rape cases end with no convictions. To get to the root of the problem, we must combine changes to the legal system so more cases are convicted, and also build public awareness to help break the attitudes that justify rape in the first place.

The Verma Commission has been established to "examine the present laws to protect the safety and dignity of women.†A special session of Parliament may be convened later this month to consider its findings. It’s our best chance for years to change laws and attitudes among politicians, the police, lawyers, and society in general.

We have just hours left to influence the official Commission set up to find ways to crack down on India’s wave of sexual violence. Click to send a message directly to the Verma Commission:


From opposing the stoning of women in Iran, to supporting the reproductive rights of women in Morocco, Uzbekistan and Honduras, to lobbying for real action to counter the growing ‘rape trade’ in trafficked women and girls, our community has been on the front lines of the fight to end the war on women. This new year begins with new resolve in India.

With hope,

Meredith, Alice, Jamie, Ian, Ricken, Rewan, Diego, Wen, Michelle and the rest of the Avaaz team

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70% of women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime (UN report)

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