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1 lakh to end rape impunity – amazing response!

Home Minister Singh has called a government meeting on rape punishment on January 4 — help us urgently reach our goal of 100,000!

Dear friends across India,

Last week, a 23-year-old woman was gang-raped and beaten for hours on a bus in Delhi. This war on women across India must stop! Let’s build one lakh voices demanding immediate action to fast-track justice for rape victims. Sign and then share this with everyone:

Last week, a 23-year-old student was gang-raped for hours and nearly beaten to death with iron rods on a bus in Delhi. Then she was dumped on the roadside to die. This war on women must stop!

A real threat of speedy trials and long years in prison for these brutal attacks is the only way to prevent more girls and women being violated and killed. Let’s build one lakh voices now to demand immediate action on fast-tracked justice.

In response to massive public outrage, government officials are meeting on January 4 to discuss the issue of India’s rampant rape crisis. Unless we keep up the pressure, this meeting could amount to nothing. Sign this urgent petition to Home Minister Shinde to pursue legislation to end rape impunity. If our call is big enough, he will be forced to act to protect all women and girls. Click to sign the urgent petition, then send this to everyone:


For the 23-year-old student, intense public pressure may ensure that the perpetrators are caught and tried. But a crime against women is reported every 2 minutes somewhere in India, and three quarters of rape cases end with no convictions. Just this week two girls were gang raped in Bihar state. One is in critical condition and the youngest, a girl of just ten, and was brutalised to death and then dumped in the canal.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has asked the Delhi High Court to take urgent action to set up five special fast-track courts to try sexual assault cases. Now, the best way to ensure justice for all is to force an agreement to put fast-track courts like this across India. We have to all act now — under public pressure, the will and possibility for action rises, but all too often politicians make bold promises to protect women only to forget about them when the spotlight fades.

It’s shocking, but not surprising, that 8 out of 10 women in Delhi fear for their safety. Equally there is nothing new in the fact that most women say they wouldn’t even think of telling the police about an attack for fear the cops would ignore them or worse blame them and abuse them. What is new is the level of outrage building across the country out of this terrible case. Together we can turn this firestorm of anger into a lightening bolt for change. Sign the petition now and forward it to everyone to safeguard the mothers and daughters of India:


Avaaz members in India have come together to protect children from brutal labour practices and freed Indian workers trapped in foreign countries. Together we have ensured that poorer people know their rights to free medical care. Now we can help the women and girls who face violent sexual attack.

With hope,

Meredith, Alice, Jamie, Ian, Ricken, Rewan, Diego, Wen, Michelle and the rest of the Avaaz team


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